Dutch Tulips Group

The Dutch Tulips Group (DTG) is a unique family of companies with tulips as their core business.

The DTG consists of joint ventures in bulb-production, tulip nurseries, a flower processing company, a tulip-webshop and an employment agency.

Originated from a purely horticultural family business, where craftsmanship was and still is of paramount importance, DTG has grown into a professional group that supplies large retailers with vision, courage and entrepreneurial spirit.

The DTG-DNA stands for
customer first, quality, passion,
fun and sustainability.

Retail is our specialty

from bulb to shelf: one concentrated
and high-quality chain.


Bulb cultivation

Managing the quality and availability of the right tulip assortment starts at the source. Virtually all DTG starting material is produced in joint ventures or in collaboration with certified bulb growers.


Tulip production

Sustainable, with passion and with the help of the most modern techniques and innovations: for example, the DTG nurseries produce quality tulips for all target groups in the sales market.



Our DTG packaging company packages tulips and other floriculture products completely according to the wishes of the customers: the products are delivered ready-to-store.



In the logistics of our companies, we always opt for the shortest and most sustainable route with maximum traceability.



We do not compromise on quality. All DTG companies are certified according to the latest standards and requirements, and internal quality controls are our daily routine.



Our people make the difference in our quality, reliability and customer relationships. We make the difference for them in good terms of employment, career opportunities, dynamics, atmosphere and continuity in work. DTG also has its own employment agency.

For us sustainability is
self-evident and an active
verb in our daily business.


When it comes to sustainability we have seriously commissioned ourselves.

We continuously challenge our companies and our people to ‘think sustainably’ in their work processes and to work on the smart and green solutions that can be achieved there with the help of advancing insights and techniques. Because, for us, sustainability is self-evident and an active verb in our daily business.

We embrace the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. In our companies, we emphasize improvements that contribute to a better climate, sustainable water management, safe working conditions, a sustainable quality chain and transparent, meaningful relationships with our customers, suppliers and our direct working environment.

Grown with passion

Tulips, they still put a smile on our faces. And that of our customers. That is why we have made tulips our core business. With full conviction.

In order to be able to excel in this market across the board, our companies work together in a closed, controlled chain. Each company contributes its own specialism, knowledge, products and services to the DTG-chain. All in all, we are stronger, with and for our customers. The DTG-family is still expanding. Not because growth is a goal in itself for us, but a means to better serve market demand and to become even more relevant for our customers.

Our Dutch Tulips Family

In all their diversity, our companies are connected by the DTG-DNA, which is characterized by a great sense of quality, passion, pleasure and the drive to meet the needs of customers in a sustainable manner.

From this shared basis, our companies work together to optimally serve their customers in a controlled and high-quality chain. They also benefit from the knowledge, network and economies of scale of the collective.

Our companies

Our processing- and packaging companyDe Lasso | Roelofarendsveen
Our tulip productionFloraweg | Roelofarendsveen
Sotaweg | Roelofarendsveen
Our employment agencyFloraweg | Roelofarendsveen

Our bulb cultivation

Our cooperation in bulb cultivationWesteinde | Noordwijkerhout

Our brands

Our franchise organisation in tulip productionThe franchise organization of Dutch tulip growers that produces, packages and supplies a large volume of tulips.
Cilinderweg 5
2371 DZ Roelofarendsveen
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Our tulpen.nl webshopDaily fresh picked tulips,
straight from our greenhouse.
Cilinderweg 5
2371 DZ Roelofarendsveen
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Our consumer information platformFor all lovers of tulips. With tulip news, information from tulip growers, tulip arrangements and beautiful photos.
Cilinderweg 5
2371 DZ Roelofarendsveen
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Our sustainability brandWhat are nice ‘side issues’ for us, are main issues for biodiversity in the Netherlands. We are happy to contribute to this.
Cilinderweg 5
2371 DZ Roelofarendsveen
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Joining forces in a corporate collectiveTogether we are strong in horticulture.
Cilinderweg 5
2371 DZ Roelofarendsveen
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